On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar
Overcome the Top Challenges to a Successful DAM Implementation

Careful planning, vision, and a competent implementation team are critical to the successful implementation of a digital asset management system. Join Klish Group and Cloudinary as they discuss how to overcome common Digital Asset Management implementation challenges and provide insights on customer use cases around:

  • Website Performance: automatic media optimization
  • CMS Integrations: across multiple content management systems 
  • Asset Archive: online migration and archiving of digital assets
  • Image Safety: AI-driven screening of user-provided imagery using Amazon Rekognition

Presenter: Bill Klish
As President of Klish Group, Bill provides strategic technical guidance for his clients. He is a respected subject matter expert in his field and enjoys making complex concepts easy to understand

Presenter: Kevin McMonagle
Kevin has years of experience as a Web Application Architect and has specialties across autonomy-Interwoven architecture, TeamSite, MediaBin, SitePublisher, LiveSite, project management, web content management.

Presenter: Scott Campbell
Scott has over 14 years of experience working with enterprise customers to come up speed very quickly on new technologies, establish immediate credibility, and navigate difficult situations across diverse environments and fields.