On-Demand Webinar
On-Demand Webinar
Working Remotely Through a DAM Platform

Today as teams work remotely and are creating more media assets than ever, there is a growing need to collaborate and share these assets across internal and external stakeholders. To facilitate effective collaboration and increased efficiency, we’ve introduced new and effective ways to streamline your media management workflow.

Join our product experts as they cover new updates to our Digital Asset Management platform that enhance remote collaboration, including:

  • Collections: share a group of assets as a webpage with access control permission settings
  • Media Portal: publish finalized media content and embed on a webpage, or share it with agencies, vendors, or partners
  • Folder Tree: navigate with ease through your media asset library

Presenter: Liat Perlmutter
Liat is a member of Cloudinary's product team and is responsible for all things DAM related. She is fascinated by human behavior in digital platforms. 

Alok Shah

Presenter: Alok Shah
Alok is a member of Cloudinary's product marketing team and is a (product) marketer by profession and an engineer at heart. He gets a kick out of the trivial challenges of marketing to developers.

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