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Automate Your Media Supply Chain with Machine Learning

Today, machine learning helps turn a traditional digital asset management (DAM) solution into an intelligent automation tool. Through cutting-edge advancements in machine learning technology, you can streamline your media supply chain while delivering a consistent omnichannel user experience.

AWS and Cloudinary discuss how to leverage machine learning for:

  • Extraction of AI-based insights from your image, video, and audio files
  • Auto-tagging of media assets for instant retrieval and reuse
  • Localization of content for multi-lingual distribution using ML-based transcription and translation services
  • Moderation of user-generated content at scale

Presenter: Mark Stephens
Mark has an extensive background working in software solutions and currently helps customers and partners build secure, scalable solutions on AWS.

Presenter: Amit Khanal
Amit is a seasoned technologist with over 12 years of experience building software solutions. 

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