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How to Optimize for Page Load Speed

Is your page load speed suffering because of the explosive growth in your visual media assets? There is a direct link between the speed and quality of delivered media assets to increased user engagement, conversion rates, and SEO—making page load speed and time especially critical. Yet, there has been an 85% increase in page weight over the past three years, and 75% of today’s websites are images and video, making the tradeoff between speed and engagement a tough one. 

Join us for this interactive webinar as we discuss:

  • The top problems and pitfalls developers face and how to address them
  • Website trends and what you can do to stay ahead
  • Tools you can use to breakdown and understand what drives your web payloads
  • Techniques for optimizing your visual media to drive conversion rates, user engagement, and improve SEO

Presenter: Simon Tetelbaum
Simon is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Cloudinary with a background in operations and performance. He built and managed operations teams responsible for scaling and supporting a globally distributed e-commerce company, optimizing their websites/apps. These days, Simon helps organizations understand how to improve site and app performance. 

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