On-Demand Webinar
Delivering Compelling Video Experiences at Scale

Your customers have an insatiable appetite for video content. But, they expect a captivating video experience, on every screen. Until now, this meant you had to manually handle all the complexity – from optimal encoding, re-framing, resizing, and enhancing to tying up your creative, marketing, and technical teams. Thanks to AI and cutting edge technologies, the tedious and manual workload for managing videos can be eliminated.

Learn how to leverage a dynamic media platform for managing, optimizing, and delivering engaging video experiences along with a product demo that will cover:
  • Automating transcoding and quality compression
  • Adapting video content for mobile devices and social platforms
  • Auto-generating previews and subtitles
  • Providing a custom viewing experience

Yaron Reichert

Millind Pansare
Yaron Reichert
Product Team at Cloudinary

Millind Pansare
Product Marketing at Cloudinary

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